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Yulu Cycle Referral Code to get Free Bike Rides

Yulu Cycle Referral Code to get Free Bike Rides – Yulu is India’s Dockless & truly Smart Public Bike (bicycle) Sharing Service that is solving the first and last mile connectivity, and short distance commute problem in cities. you can even pay using paytm in Yulu Cycle so if you want to earn free paytm cash check this post to earn free paytm cash.

Cycling is a great way for the family to bond with each other outdoors and make exercise fun for all. Learning how to keep your children’s foot on the right pedal is always energy well spent

Yulu Referral Code – LX1PW6D

Yulu uses a unique bike that is specially designed for Indian roads with a smart lock system integrated with a smartphone app. This special design gives you as a rider, greater access and convenience to a bike when you need it the most.

How to apply Yulu Referral Code to get Free Bike Rides

1) Click here to install Yulu Cycle App

2) Enter your Details like names and mobile number and verify it

3) Now Enter Yulu Cycle Referral code as LX1PW6D to get free ride

4) Sign up and unlock your Cycle by scanning QR code

5) Now you are ready to Use Yulu Cycle.

How to Earn Free Rides in Yulu App

1) Goto to Menu and you will see option Earn free Rides

2) Open that and here you will find your Yulu Referral code.

3) Share your Yulu Cycle referral code with your friends to earn free rides.

4) The More you share your Yulu Cycle Referral code the more you will get free rides in yulu App.

In case you have any issues with our service and you contact Yulu Support, then Yulu will use your email to update you on the status of your issue.

How to End the Trip in Yolo Bikes

Check for the nearest Yulu Zone  on the app. Park your bike at the Yulu Zone and manually lock the bike. Click on the End Button in your app to successfully end your ride.


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