Resonate RouterUPS CRU5V Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router (Black)

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RouterUPS is CE, RoHS Certified product designed for everyday use along with your WiFi Router. RouterUPS has a range of models that supports 5V, 9V and 12V powered Wi-Fi Routers. RouterUPS has several safety protection circuits including an intelligent battery management system (BMS) for longer life and your complete peace of mind.

Purpose Built for your WiFi Router

Intelligent Charging : RouterUPS has an intelligent battery management system that automatically charges the battery when the power is ON and seamlessly switches to battery during power cuts.
Upto 4 Hours of Backup : RouterUPS provides upto 4 hours of power uninterrupted power backup depending on the make, model and specification of your WiFi Router.
DIY Friendly : RouterUPS is DIY Friendly and can be installed in less than 2 minutes to your WiFi Router.
Bridge Cables : RouterUPS comes with a range of bridge cables that supports most WiFi Routers.
Certified Product : A Consumer grade CE, RoHS certified product.
Warranty : 6 months limited warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Frustrated by Power Cuts?

WiFi has become an integral part of our everyday life. Every device that connects to the Internet has a battery except the WiFi Router. RouterUPS is a purpose built low-powered UPS to keep your WiFi 24×7 inspite of power-cuts so that you can work, play and shop from home with complete peace of mind.
Work from Home Friendly – Up to 4 hrs backup, No more VPN snaps and conference call drops over skype, gotomeeting etc.,
Also works well with CCTV Cameras, Cordless Phones, Point of Sale Machines, Network Equipments, Medical devices and a range of low powered internet of things.

Step 1

Check the input power ratings of your WiFi Router. The power ratings are typically mentioned in the label behind your WiFi, WiFi/ADSL Router.

Step 2

Check the output power ratings of your AC Adapter. The power ratings are typically mentioned in the label behind your AC Adapter.

Step 3

Your WiFi Router is compatible with

  • CRU12V2A – if your router input & adapter output power Ratings are 12V, <2A
  • CRU9V – If your router input & adapter output power ratings are 9V, <1A
  • CRU5V – If your router input & adapter output power ratings are 5V, <2A

  • Up to 4 hours Power Backup

    RouterUPS is designed to power the WiFi Router longer than typical power-cuts, depending on the make/model you will get up to 4 hours powerbackup.

    Light Weight and Portable

    Weighs less than 300gms and you can hold it within your palm. No technicians required and is absolutely DIY Friendly and can be installed under a minute

    Intelligent Charging

    In-Built Algorithms and industry grade battery management systems to optimally charge the battery for longer life and un-interrupted network continuity

    Un-Interrupted WiFi – A lot happens over WiFi

    Whether you work, play or shop – RouterUPS ensures to keep all your activities un-interrupted and gives you absolute freedom from power cuts. Whether you live in an apartment and face the 2-minute delay for the community power backup to kick-in, or have that independent house where you need a power-backup for longer, RouterUPS comes in handy and most importantly without any beeping sound.

    About the Startup

    Describe your product in 3 words.

    Everyday Problem Solution

    How did you come up with the idea for this product?

    At RESONATE we build ‘everyday products’ solving ‘everyday problems’. Why should Wi-Fi go away during power-cuts? When every device that connects to internet has a battery why not the WiFi Router? A mix of these fundamental quetions prompted us to build a purpose built UPS only for the WiFi Router. We are glad we made a difference to several thousands of customers and we are overwhelemed when customers are using RouterUPS along with point-of-sale machines, cordless phones, cctv cameras, finger print attendance systems and a range of low powered devices.

    What makes your product special?

    We strive to build an experience that our customers don’t forget in a hurry, so we built RouterUPS with passion, thoughtfulness and a unique experience just like any other RESONATE product. Even a blip of a second power cut is good enough to ruin your work that you are doing on internet. RouterUPS is an experience that ensures 100% un-interrupted wifi, that is compact and super easy to install with no beeping sound and keeps all that work, play and shop from home un-interrupted.

    What has been the best part of your startup experience?

    Happiness. We truly realized it’s not the business that drives you but the IMPACT that you create for millions of people. We truly intend to RESONATE and committed to solve a good number of everyday problems to bring a smile not just for a day but ‘everyday’. And we are glad that our products are topping the charts often.,

    Important : Please check the power ratings of your WiFi Router to order compatible model. Self-Check compatibility section can help to choose the right model
    Un-interrupted WiFi as you work, play and shop from home
    Up to 4 hours of power backup for your WiFi or ADSL router
    Intelligent electrical safety protection circuits with battery management systems
    Compatible with all 5V, <2A powered WiFi, WiFi/ADSL routers. UPS should be switched to ON mode while charging(Red LED) as well as to give backup(green LED) and please check Adapter, Router power rating.please check power rating compatibility of Router, Adapter and UPS and Adapter (Adapter should be greater than 1A)
    Certified Product : CE, RoHS
    6 month warranty
    Compatible with D-Link – DWR-116, DIR-600L, DIR-605L
    Digisol – DG-HR3400
    TP-Link – TL-MR3020, TL-WR720N
    NetGear – WNR614 – If you can’t find your WiFi Router in this list, please see other RouterUPS variants or self-check compatibility section, alternately you can send us a message at +91 829 647 7911


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